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Posted on Jun 21, 2015
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Posted on Jun 13, 2015
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The young stars of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl all say they were struck by the honesty of the film’s script, written by the author of the young adult book on which it was based. In fact Olivia Cooke — who plays Rachel, the “dying girl” of the title — was so impressed by the script and so strongly wanted the part that she wrote what she calls “a really desperate” email to director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon to try to convince him to cast her.

Although she says she’s blocked out exactly what she said in the email, Cooke tells The Hollywood Reporter that she was struck by the rare tone of the script.

“I’ve never read a script that was so honest,” Cooke says. “There’s a bunch of scripts that you’re sent all the time that are supposed to be able to depict how it is to be in high school, and I feel like a lot of them are just really obnoxious and stereotypical and quite offensive to young adults. And I felt like I could do something with Rachel and not let people see her as a victim.”

Thomas Mann — who plays Greg, the “me” of the title — adds that the screenplay “really portrayed teenagers in a very specific way that I hadn’t quite seen before.” And RJ Cyler, who plays Earl, couldn’t put it down after he interrupted his Xbox game to read it.

“It just felt so familiar and honest that I just knew I had to be a part of it,” Cyler says. “When they sent it to me and I finished reading, I couldn’t help but keep reading. I [wanted there to be] more to read. I read it maybe two or three times that day.”

But it took a while for the script to get into that condition. Novelist Jesse Andrews, who’d never written a script before, didn’t expect that he would be the one to adapt his book for the big screen but producer Dan Fogelman “had the idea that I could,” Andrews explains, adding that Fogelman, who’s a screenwriter himself, served as his teacher and mentor during the process.

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Posted on Jun 07, 2015
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I have added scans from the summer issue of Total Film to the image gallery.

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